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Is Decal Paper the same as water slide paper? (Top Four Types)

There are four types of water transfer paper and each type performs differently to help you to complete your craft project. Project ideas are limitless due to you being able to custom transfer any image from your PC onto all hard surfaces.

No specialist equipment is required other than your inkjet or laser printer.

The main four types of decal paper are Clear, White, Blue and Film Free Decal Paper.

From miniature modelling to creating decals for candles, you'll find the correct paper for your project right here along with articles and video guidance should you need a little more help.

Decal Printer Paper (Inkjet or Laser)

Can you use a regular printer for waterslide paper?

Waterslide decal paper is designed for home printing. You are required to match the correct paper type to your printer. For this reason, we have decal paper for both laser printers and inkjet printers.

Laser printers run at high temperatures so the decal film coating on our Clear Laser Waterslide Decal Paper is designed to retain a high quality image or text under heat.

As most people have an inkjet printer our Clear Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper is popular for hobbyists. Clear varnish spray is required to seal the print before dipping into water when using the inkjet paper.

Our customers switch to a laser printer if they are creating lots of decals or selling hand made products online. This is because no spray varnish is required if you have a laser printer. Simply print, cut out, dip in water and then apply.

Decal Paper Clear (Transparent)

If your surface colour is white or a light shade, the clear water transfer paper is for you. Any design, photograph or text will print, transfer and look superb, alike any professionally printed piece.

Quick Tip - When printing onto ceramic mugs or coasters or any type of custom blank, try to cut your decal out close to the size of your transfer medium as this looks better than cutting just the decal out. The edges of the film will naturally look less visible.

Decal Paper White (Solid White Film Background)

As the name suggests, the white waterslide decal paper retains a solid white background which overcomes the limitations of the clear version. Any custom decals with white inside them can be created with confidence so a favourite amongst miniature modellers. Another popular use for this decal type is to print photographs to slide onto any hard surface of any colour.

Decal Paper Blue (Helpful when printing in just white)

Popular amongst decal makers. The only difference between the blue waterslide decal paper and the clear waterslide decal paper is the colour of the backing paper. Being blue, it allows for only white designs to be easily seen when cutting out. The colour of the backing papers on both the clear or white version is white.

Most home printers do not carry white ink and hence printing only white decals can be challenging. Oki Printers are used by some of our customers as are ghost white ink cartridges which can be purchased for some home inkjet printers to create white only decals.

What is the best water slide decal paper?

There are a number of factors to be able to label a particular transfer paper as "the best". Providing you have selected the right paper for your craft project and the correct printer type, you'll want your decal paper to perform well in three areas:

1: Print quality. Your printing needs to be as good, if not better than when printing onto regular plain paper.

2: Your decal film needs to be both thin and strong. Thin because we want to create a decal, not a sticker effect. Strong because when we release from the water we want our decal to transfer smoothly without breaking and be able to position and reposition it as necessary.

3: The final custom decal needs to have a strong chemical hardening process to ensure it hardens to your surface model and does not peel off.