How to print your own signs or custom designs using Adhesive Film A4

Adhesive Film A4 / A3

Inkjet or Laser

Adhesive Film is a thin,  blank,  print on film that makes for a quick way to customise hard surfaces.

The thin plastic film sits on a backing paper that is released before applying to your surface.  

The sheet can be printed on and cut up with the backing paper still on.  When you are ready to apply your design to its surface,  the backing paper can be peeled away.

The film itself is thicker than decal film and is not a replacement for decal paper but it is suitable for thousands of arts and craft projects as well as practical sign making projects too.

Clear Adhesive Film

     clear adhesive film

With the clear adhesive film,  areas of your design without print on them will remain clear allowing for lots of craft applications.  I've just this product to create stained glass effects and glass art but its also amazing for unique card toppers,  miniature modelling accessories and scrapbooking.  Whilst the clear adhesive film is thicker,  it can still be a quicker alternative to using the water slide decal paper.

White Adhesive Film

   white adhesive film

Our white film is a quality glossy print on plastic film that is also separated from its carrier sheet.  It can be cut to your size requirements and has great print clarity.  Ideal for creating photo film stickers as it retains its white background allowing you to duplicate any photo or design that has white in it.

How to Create your Own Signs

how to create your own signs

Easy with either the clear or white adhesive film allowing you to create unique indoor signs for commercial use or custom bedroom or joke signs for the home.

Simply print using your home inkjet or laser printer.  Cut your design out,  remove its backing paper and apply.

See our Clear Adhesive Film HERE
See our Glossy White Adhesive Film HERE


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