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How to make your own wooden railway accessories

How would you like to become a wizz at wood working the easy way?

We've partnered with Ted to bring you all the skills you need to build both miniature and full size wooden projects.

         miniature modelling wooden buildings

There's 50 free project designs up for grabs so don't forget to subscribe to Teds newsletter to get those!


How to create your own signage

miniature modelling signage

Creating miniature signs is a doddle using either the white waterslide decal paper or our dry rub film.  

The miniature house and wishing well above are a light shade wood and ideal for use with our dry rub film which can create hand painted effects or vintage signs.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Taking a look at the "Liquor Market" sign above,  you'll see that this is red letters on top of a white background and rectangular in shape,  perfect to create using the white waterslide decal paper. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

How to print designs with white in them or "only white"

No fancy bells or whistles in this video,  just myself talking through a few different ways to tackle projects with white print in them.

How to build your own stunning railway layout

miniature modelling train layout

A great guide to planning and building your own railway layout whilst avoiding all the "stop start" rookie errors and other traps that can easily be avoided. 


Switching to DCC - no complex wiring whilst gaining more pulling power

how to switch to DCC model railway

How to switch to DCC model railways.  This can be achieved with a little know how CLICK HERE TO READ HOW

Check back soon.  I shall be adding new article segments to this page every Sunday.


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