Water Transfer Paper - How To Customise Toys with Two Decal Making Videos

I recently bought a Barbie bed toy for my 6 year old daughter Lily.  

When we opened the box there were no decal transfers inside!

Lily thought that we could improve on the bed as we've customised quite a lot of her toys, bikes and scooters using water slide transfer paper! 

I asked Lily to look for some barbie images on Google for pictures to decorate the blank white spaces on the bed.

For any parents with young children,  I can recommend this finding pictures and dropping them into a word document activity as I have seen no faster way to teach a child how to become proficient using Microsoft word.

We decided to film the whole project and upload it to YouTube!

The beds surface was white so we selected the Clear Water Transfer Paper.  We have two home inkjet printers so we also used some clear varnish spray to seal the decals after printing.  (Required when using the inkjet version of our water slide paper)

To customise the toy,  Lily chose the barbie logo itself as this was a good fit as well as looking great.  She also chose a little pink bracelet to go in between the logo pictures.

It was not long before Lily asked if we could customise her Barbie car too!

Barbie’s car is a dark shade of Pink so for this project we switched to the White Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper.

Watch us decorate her Barbie car toy with some flower power decals :) 

Once again we spent a short time on google images to find some suitable pictures to use for our water transfers.

For transferring images, photo's pictures or text onto white or light coloured surfaces,  pick up a pack of our Clear Inkjet Water Slide Paper here.

And when creating decals for darker surfaces,  grab a pack of our White Water Slide Decal Paper here. 

For both of our craft projects we used Keen Crystal Clear Nitro Acrylic Spray which can be purchased from the decorating direct website. 

Our water transfer printer paper is quite forgiving when it comes to clear varnish sprays to seal the ink after printing.  Other clear coat lacquers may also be used including car paint clear coat aerosols too.

Full instructions are included with every decal paper pack that we sell.






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