What products sell best on Etsy? How to use Decal Paper to create handmade items

What handmade items sell best on Etsy?

If your wondering what sells well on Etsy, check out my super quick Craft Demonstration video below.  I show how decal paper can be used to make simple hand made "in demand" items to sell on Etsy, Amazon Handmade and Shopify.

I also have a free 1hr masterclass on how to quickly create simple "in demand" popular products using decal paper at Craft Life Academy.

Here I show off just a few uses for Water Slide Decal Paper where we can turn a few dollars into twenty, thirty and sometimes ninety dollars in Etsy Product Sales.

First up is a classic large candle, either made by yourself or bought in. We use the clear inkjet waterslide paper to quickly slide a $5 candle into a $30 candle in 30 seconds.

Making handmade customised products for weddings can be very lucrative especially when you reach out to influencers, wedding planners, wedding photographers and wedding themed bloggers with free samples in return for a shout out on their platform.

An example would be to offer a free custom wedding gift as a competition prize to the platform every month and in return, the influencer posts about your service, with a link to your Etsy store. Making custom signs is next on the creation video.

There are a huge amount of "small" signs which are selling really well on Etsy and Amazon Handmade. In this video I show how to "go large" making fun signs using the white waterslide decal paper.

Finding existing signs that are best sellers on Etsy and Amazon is a great way to making sales as a craft seller because we have already proven that the product is popular.

After finding a popular product it's just a case of sending the design off to fiverr to have a designer make our own version for just a few dollars - then we have our own unique product ready to put up for sale.

We only make the product after a sale, or produce a batch to send off to Amazon FBA. In this video I also show how easy it is to make custom mugs, taking existing top selling designs and then making our own versions, sliding the clear waterslide decal paper onto white mugs.

We can apply custom names, designs or text. We can also use the latest AI technology to produce imagery for us to use on our mugs to either slide ourselves or use print on demand.

Lastly, I show how easy it is to create stained glass effects using the clear inkjet waterslide paper. For everything that you need to know about becoming a top craft seller on Etsy or Amazon hand made, consider subscribing to my new YouTube channel over at:


You can start with just your home inkjet printer and a can of spray varnish to make custom handmade products to sell. 

My first tip is to choose an area of life that is of interest to you and then do searches around that topic on Etsy and Amazon Handmade looking for products that have recorded reviews and sales.  For more ways to identify what products sell best on Etsy,  take a look at Craft Life Academy for the latest tips tricks and sales hacks to give you the best start to selling crafts online.

Once you have picked your interest and have learned how to slide your way to making great products,  take a look at Fiverr.com and do a search for Etsy Shop.  Here you will find lots of etsy shop designers who can build a great looking shop for you in just a few days and in many cases for under $50. 

Just have your pictures and prices ready to give tok them along with an example shop that you like the look for them to imitate.

As your sales grow the natural progression is to open your own Shopify store as this means that you can keep all of the sales fees for yourself and take advantage of the huge amount of free resources that Shopify have for Craft sellers.

Installing apps to link to Google Shopping and Facebook Shops is relatively easy to learn and a great way to promote your craft store.

To sign up for Shopify,  I've found a link where you can test their store out for just $1 per month here: Try Shopify for $1

Once again,  I recommend Fiverr.com for a quick build of your store. 

Once built I recommend YouTube to look for Shopify marketing tips to organise your SOP's (standard operating procedures) - this is the difference between successful sellers and the strugglers as just a little time each day to market your business makes all the difference when selling on Etsy and Shopify.  I also have an amazing video on writing product titles and tags for your products to get more buyer visitors here:

Finally,  one big tip when it comes to using decal paper to create handmade products is to progress to getting a laser printer as soon as possible.

As you may know when using an inkjet printer we have to spray seal the print after printing before cutting out and dipping.  With a laser printer we just print, dip and slide,  cutting production time making handmade items in half.

This is especially important when you get to the stage of creating tens of items daily whether it be signs, candles, models, plaques or anything as more time available means more products made, equalling more sales revenue and profits.

I hope to see you over at Craft Life Academy for more tips, tricks and Craft Selling Strategies soon.

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