Best Shopify Apps - Top 8 Integrations (Ecommerce App Reviews)

What are the best Shopify Apps to use?

In this article we'll look at the best Shopify Apps to install to get more sales alongwith direct links to every App with an Shopify Apps Video Guide at the end of this article :)
I'll list the 8 best Shopify apps below,  followed by a quick guide to getting your Shopify Store up and running within 72 hours.


I've also hunted down the best offer currently to bookmark to get your own Shopify Store up and running after you've printed out this top 8 checklist.


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Best Shopify App #1 - Google Shopping App


Best Shopify Apps


After you have your Shopify Store built,  go to the Shopify App Store to start installing the app.

The Google Shopping App is as it sounds and will synchronize with the product listings that have been uploaded to your Shopify Store to display on Google Shopping. Google Shopping will return the results based on keywords so make sure to watch my video on writing "Titles and tags" at my YouTube Channel @CraftLife.Academy

shopify store apps to increase sales


Best Shopify App #2 - Frequently Bought Together App


frequently bought together app

You see this all the time on Amazon when looking at products,  tried, tested and proven way to increase the average order value of your basket checkouts.

You scroll down to see a bunch of "also consider" products. With the ""Frequently bought together" App you'll be able to select your own products to place into this area inside Shopify under the product that's being looked at.

This increases average order value for your store as more people add multiple items to their orders in their basket.


Best Shopify App #3 - Facebook Shop App


shopify facebook shop app

This will push your products over to your own Facebook Shop opening the opportunities for you to benefit though this social media giant.  

best facebook shop apps shopify

Their are several very good facebook shop integrations available.  Choose one which has a large number of reviews with a rating of over 4.5.


Best Shopify App #4 - Instafeed by Mintt


Instafeed shopify app


The Instafeed Shopify App allows for you to pull Instagram pics, posts and reels from Instagram into your Shopify store to display in a super looking grid around your products.

You can tag products on your posts to increase sales and also increase more Instagram followers who will follow you after seeing your items in your store.


Best Shopify App #5 - Add Reviews App


Shopify reviews app

This automates asking your customers for a review in the same way as you see with Amazon.

Customers are asked to write a review which is posted under your product. Review Apps allow for greater social proof and reliably increases your Shopify Stores conversions.


Best Shopify App #6 - Email Marketing App


Shopify e-mail marketing App.

Once you have your store open Shopify make it easy to record customer details for you to send e-mail marketing too.

You can send up to 10,000 emails to customers which is certainly enough to accommodate your needs for a long time.  Once again,  their is lots of choice.  In the search screen shot below,  the app I recommend is called "Shopify Email"


Shopify email marketing app integration


This saves up to $100 a month on e-mail service providers alone.


Best Shopify App #7 - Rewards Loyalty App


Rewards Program App

The Bon Rewards Loyalty App provides incentives to existing and previous buyers to shop with you again.

Of course, rewarding customers and keeping them coming back with rewards and discounts is nothing new, just a tried and tested method that works, so why not offer this to your customers too.


Best Shopify App #8 - Etsy Store App


Etsy App plug in.

Shopify etsy app integration

This is Craft Life Academy and so my last App recommendation had to be Etsy and so I'm recommending the CedCommerce Etsy Integration to seamlessly plug your store into the Etsy Marketplace.

This App will plug products automatically from your Shopify Store to add to the Etsy Marketplace. Once sales are made on Etsy you'll see them pop into your Shopify order page, so no need to pop into Etsy to check, its all integrated for you. If you input stock levels into Shopify, these will automatically update in Etsy.

Finally,  if your getting prepared to open your own Shopify store,  I always pass on the tips below as this can cut down your shop build time to around 72 hours.  You just focus on populating a simple spreadsheet first to pass to a Shopify Shop Builder to implement for you.  You can then get your store up and running quickly and learn "on the job" how to add products and creatives to your store whilst making sales.


Building a Shopify Store - The Easy Way


If you've signed up to Shopify,  your ready to build your store,  add your products and apps.  

Inside my training course I teach my students how to get their stores built quickly by dropping all of your product data into a simple excel spreadsheet.

The columns can just be

A Product Name

B Product Description

C Item SKU (A product code for your item that makes it unique)

D Link for your image (Just upload to Google Drive and get a link url)

E Features and Benefits

F Keywords (Searched for terms visitors put into search engines to find your products like yours.

G Price

Once you have completed this simple spreadsheet, head over to and do a search for "Shopify Store". This will present dozens of skilled Shopify Store builders who can build a professional looking store for you in 2-3 days.

They can also hook up Stripe and Paypal to your store and you can be up and running in just a few days for just $1 - Payments go directly into your bank account from Shopify (I set for twice monthly) and customers who pay using Paypal will drop into your Paypal account.

All orders are in one place for you to print off and fulfil. To make this easy, I recommend installing the "Order Printer" App from Shopify and then move onto my top 8 Best Shopify Apps to get the ball rolling quickly for you.

If you'd like to watch my in depth video on my top 8 best apps for Shopify,  see my YouTube video below. 



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All Shopify Apps can be searched for from the Shopify Apps Store 

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