Laser Decal Paper | Waterslide or Dry Rub Printable Transfer Sheets

Decal Paper for Laser Printers

With laser printers becoming more and more popular for printing decals,  we've decided to devote a whole page to it.  Here you'll find every paper we have for laser transfer along with some frequently asked questions.

Laser clear waterslide paper

Very popular in the miniature modelling community,  this printable decal paper allows for the printing of all text, images or photographs onto white or light coloured surfaces.

The beauty of the laser printer for decal printing is that it cuts an important time consuming exercise out.  That being the spray sealing of the decal sheet after printing.

For this reason its the number one choice for small and medium sized decal makers for creating transfers for models, candles, nail art, decorating ceramics and many more.

Laser printer for waterslide paper

We recommend just a standard home laser printer from a manufacturer known for producing printers as opposed to other brands.  Professional laser printers actually print at very high temperatures which can sometimes distort the print and so spending less can actually end up saving you money on decal sheets.

Laser white waterslide paper

Ideal for when your decal contains white or your surface is dark in colour.  The white decal paper retains its solid white background and is a favourite for creating model decals and also for the transfer of photographs onto any hard surface that is dark.

Unlike the clear waterslide which has no limitations (as your surface is white) their are some considerations to consider when deciding if the white transfer film is correct for your project.

The easy way to tell is to just print your design onto a piece of white printer paper, cut it out and place it onto your surface.  If it looks how you need it to look,  then this is the product to use.

Blue laser decal paper

blue decal paper

Developed to be able to see only white decals better for when cutting out.  The only difference between the clear laser waterslide and the blue laser waterslide is the colour of the backing sheet.

Printing in only white is completed either through having a printer that carries white toner or a specialist printer and so the blue laser decal paper is more for the specialist user as it is often purchased to create only white decals,  often for model decals.

Laser paper for printing temporary tattoos

laser paper to print temporary tattoos

Our temporary tattoo transfer paper page has both inkjet and laser printer options.  Both work in the same way.  The product comes in two parts,  a print on sheet and a separate adhesive sheet.

One tip for laser printing tattoo paper is to do a google image search but add the word "design" after your word search,  for example, skull tattoo designs. 

This will remove many images of tattoos on skin,  leaving you with just the designs on a white background which is what is required for printing your own temporary tattoos.

The film coating on our laser tattoo paper is designed to withstand the heat of the laser printer perfectly to produce outstandingly well printed designs.

Laser clear adhesive sticker paper / film

This product is a great way to laser print simple clear signs or artwork for white surfaces.  It can also be used to create text and designs for dolls houses and railway accessories, buildings and bridges etc.

It can be a quick alternative to the clear waterslide on some projects.  It is thicker than waterslide paper and is hence generally used for signs, both large or miniature and on white painted wood.

It can be used for clear signs onto white walls or glass for to create custom office signs and is a handy product to have for businesses and warehouses.

The clear sticker film has an adhesive backing sheet which peels away and is discarded and so its just a case of print, cut out, peel off the backing and apply.

Laser wood transfer paper 

This is the only film transfer paper that we have that can be used in either an inkjet or laser printer.

For transfers onto wood that's either painted white or a light shade,  we recommend using the dry rub transfer film. 

There's no water involved, sprays or anything else required other than the product itself.  Results can be quite impressive as hand painted effects can easily be created or text.

Popular projects can include wedding plaques, card toppers and miniature dolls house accessories.  We've also seen it purchased for nail art and customising wooden draws and table tops.  It is also available in a larger format A3.

For dark wooden surfaces a switch to the white laser water slide paper is required and projects are limited so do check your projects requirements before purchasing.

White laser sticker paper / film

Alike the clear sticker film,  the white sticker paper for laser printers is a thin white film side with an adhesive backing which is just peel and stick on.  Its good for printing signs, scrapbooking and other craft projects.

Laser Window Decal Paper

Our clear laser window cling is a print on film with a static adhesion and hence can be moved and repositioned without any sticky residue.

It can be used to create a stained glass effect, glass signs or artwork for interior glass. 

We no longer have this product for inkjet printers but the laser printer window cling is still available.

We've seen stained glass effects as well as office window signs and personalised kids window decorations.

Laser waterslide decal paper A3

Large format decal paper is manufactured for clear and white inkjet as well as clear and white laser.  Recently we also added A3 dry rub film too for larger pieces of artwork onto wood.

The A3 decal paper is often used to recreate vintage signs or modern signs to go onto metal or plastic.

For first time users,  we recommend using the A4 version first to become familiar with the process as A3 requires just a little more experience. 

Printing out of the designs can be done by most local printers who can print in large format or you can of course use an A3 laser printer.

See here if you are looking for inkjet water transfer paper