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Clear LASER Waterslide Decal Paper - Laser print your own transfers A4

Clear LASER Waterslide Decal Paper - Laser print your own transfers A4

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Laser print your own decals!

Create custom transfers to slide onto white and light coloured surfaces!

For dark surfaces or for designs with white in them,  see our white laser waterslide decal paper.

This is a dream product for a thousand decal projects! 

Clear laser water slide decal paper is a clear print on film in A4 size and comes with a paper backing which slides away when placed into water.  

Custom designs, photographs and text can be printed onto the blank sheets using your regular laser printer. 

After printing your design onto the paper you just cut out, dip in water and slide onto your surface.

Laser decal paper is a wonderfully easy craft to learn!

1 SHEET A4        £3.99 
3 SHEETS A4     £6.99  SAVE 40%
10 SHEETS A4   £17.99   SAVE 55%


Watch our videos to see how we easily customised a laptop case and mug.

Here we have printed our designs onto the decal paper, cut the designs out and started shooting our videos!

The benefit of having a laser printer is that you do not need to spray seal the print before dipping into water.

When you have finished your project and your decal has hardened onto its surface,  you may wish to protect it with a clear varnish spray. We use the Keen Crystal Clear Nitro Acrylic Spray on our projects but other clear coat sprays also work perfectly well. 

Examples of when you might want to use some clear varnish spray on your finished decal may be if you are customising a mug or making decals for a vintage bicycle or crash helmet etc. 

Decals for miniature modelling and indoor craft projects would be fine to just use the paper as it hardens itself quickly whilst drying. 

Full instructions are included with every pack but superb results can be expected with your first try.  

Ceramic mugs can also be placed into an oven at low temperature to speed the hardening process up.

With so many decal craft projects to try,  it's hard to know where to start!

Here is just a snippet of what we have seen our Laser water transfer paper used for:

  • Photo's or text onto mugs for fun or resale on Amazon, ebay and etsy. 

  • Designs, photos or text onto white and light coloured candles.

  • Fun in the home decorating kitchen containers, jars and water bottles.

  • A miniature modellers dream!  Creating custom transfers for planes, trains and automobiles.

  • Decorating mobile phone cases and laptops.

  • Creating transfers for vintage bicycles.

  • Making custom transfers for fishing rods.

  • Customising motor cycle petrol tank decals, accessories and crash helmets.

  • Creating glass and ceramic wall art.

  • Decorating guitars and pedal cases.

  • Customising glass and tile coasters.

  • Photos and text onto party balloons.

  • Making a range of vintage reproduction signs.

  • Printing custom clock faces.

  • And so much more...

We also provide expert assistance to all of our customers. 

Whatever craft project you wish to tackle,  we can help!  

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