How to make a passive income selling custom mugs - (PDF Format)
How to make a passive income selling custom mugs - (PDF Format)

How to make a passive income selling custom mugs - (PDF Format)

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How to Create a Passive Income Selling Customised Mugs


Written by Chris Tailby,  this 5,500 word PDF guide is packed with the step by step ingredients for creating and selling custom mugs online for massive profits!

Inspired by Rachel Rofe a successful seller of custom mugs,  millionaire and entrepreneur. 

Rachel has made over $100,000 in just 1 month of mug sales securing her place as an expert in this field.

Here are some of the exciting topics you'll learn when you purchase this unique offer:

  1. The concept.  How and why this business works.
  2. Mug examples.
  3. How to choose effective mug designs that sell.
  4. The adaptation method explained.
  5. How to gain royalty free images to use.
  6. The popular niche method explained.
  7. How to create your mug designs for free.
  8. How to have hundreds of mugs on sale without making a single mug.
  9. How to list your mugs for sale to optimise it's visibility.
  10. How to identify which keywords to use in your mugs titles and descriptions.
  11. How to list your products on Amazon.
  12. How to price your mugs.
  13. How to make your mugs and which decal papers to use.
  14. How to scale and grow the business.
  15. How and where to outsource the making of the mugs after your business grows.
  16. How to use Amazon sponsored ad's to boost sales.
  17. A comprehensive introduction to Shopify.
  18. A comprehensive introduction to scaling the business through Facebook Ad's.

A total of 7 videos to watch inside the PDF guide help the reader to fully understand how to hit the ground running with this exciting home business concept.


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