Water Slide Decal Paper - Next Generation of Clear - White - Blue

Clear Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper

I’ve listened to my customers and I’ve worked closely with who I believe is the best manufacturer in the world to keep our decal paper at the top with improvements every year since 2011.

My daughter Lily is 6. We’ve always had lots of fun with the water slide paper.   Does anyone have children or grandchildren?  It’s easy to customise their toys or create custom mugs of their favourite things utilising water transfer paper.

The other day Lily asked me if I could make her a Frozen 2 mug.  She loves anything to do with Disney Frozen and something else that I have no clue about called Rescue Riders 😊

It had been around 6 months since I’d used my papers and I was impressed with the print clarity and quality of our current papers.  They had always been comparable to regular printing paper but they have now shifted up a gear.

Take a look at these Ana pictures, printed using our Clear Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper.

        frozen 2 mug

Compared to normal printer paper the decal papers colours are more vibrant the print clarity is fine and the overall effect was really impressive.  Lily loved her new mug!

Packs of the Clear Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper are available here.

When to use the White Water Slide Decal Paper

Home printers do not carry white ink.  If you take a look at the mug picture above you'll see that the whites of Anna's eyes are a bright white.  This is the surface of the mug shining through as your printer would have left these white areas clear,  thinking that you were printing onto white paper.

If you'd wanted to put the same picture onto a black mug you would need to switch to the white water slide decal paper.  This is because the white water slide version retains its white background in the same way as a normal piece of white printer paper does allowing you to use white in your design as well as allowing you to slide your custom transfer onto dark coloured surfaces.

One limitation of the white water slide paper is that any areas that do not contain print will remain white 

One simple way to check to see if the white version of this decal paper is suitable for your craft project is to print your design onto a regular piece of printer paper,  cut it out and ask yourself if you would be happy sliding it onto your craft projects surface?  If the answer is yes,  then go ahead a pick up a pack of White.

White Water Slide Decal Paper in sizes 1,3 and 10 

Printing only white using the White Water Slide Paper - For example only white letters onto a dark surfaces

This is a little more tricky as you have to find a colour match for your surface and drop that into your Paint Software or Photoshop as the decals background colour first.

Then you would type your white lettering on top of your background colour to create your decal design before printing it onto your white water slide paper.

You would then cut your decal out of the paper including its background after following our instructions and slide it onto your models surface.  As the background of your decal is a match to the colour of your surface all that will remain clearly visible is the white lettering. 

Printing only White using a specialist printer (Alps printer) or White Ghost Cartridge

I work with people who create white only decals.  To do this requires your printer to be able to print in white.  Specialist printers like the Alps series can do this.  Other creators source White ink cartridges for their standard printer.

In both of the above cases,  a switch to the blue backed water slide decal paper is necessary as both the Clear and White versions of the paper have a white backing paper and hence your white only print over white backing would not be seen very well when it comes to cutting it out.

Both types of blue back decal paper that we stock has a clear film coating.  The only difference between it and the Clear Water Slide Papers is the colour of it's backing paper to be discarded which is blue.

Blue Inkjet Water Slide Paper can be found here

Blue Laser Decal Paper can be seen here

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