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Inkjet Water Transfer Paper

Welcome to our specialist shop for inkjet decal waterslide paper.

On this page you'll find our four types of waterslide paper that we have along with which paper to choose depending on your craft project.

Clear Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

clear waterslide paper

Clear waterslide paper is popular for two reasons.  It's versatility and the fact that most people have an inkjet printer in the home,  making it an ideal product to create custom transfers from home.

Surfaces need to be white or a light shade to produce perfect results as the film is clear and your printer ink translucent against the film.  The clear inkjet waterslide decal paper has a white backing paper which slides off in water. 

When you slide your decal onto it's surface,  it takes the place of the white backing paper allowing for you to transfer any design, text, photograph or image onto your projects surface.

For this reason,  the clear transfer paper is popular when customising ceramic mugs, miniature modelling blanks, candles and nail art.

White Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

The white inkjet is a printable decal paper that retains its solid white background.  For this reason,  it can be used on darker surfaces.  What happens if you use clear waterslide on a dark surface?  The image partially disappears as its just printer ink on a clear film.  

With the white waterslide paper,  you can create designs with white inside of them as well as transferring photographs onto any hard surface.

white waterslide decal paper

When deciding if white transfer paper is right for your project,  I tell customers this.  Simply print your design onto a regular piece of white printer paper.  If you cut that design out to slide onto your projects surface,  would it look correct?  If the answer is yes,  go with the white waterslide decal paper.

Home inkjet printers do not carry white ink which is why customers get around this by using the white decal paper.

Blue Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

The blue waterslide paper is more often used by specialist,  in many cases by miniature modelling supply businesses.  

It's generally used to print only white decals.  Some home users find ghost white inkjet cartridges for their printer allowing for the to print onto the blank decal sheets in only white. 

blue inkjet waterslide decal paper

Other specialists have printers that can print in white.  However,  many of these are laser printers and so most specialists have a laser printer for this purpose whilst most hobbyists use our inkjet waterslide transfer paper.

Inkjet Waterslide Tattoo Transfer Paper 

Our last inkjet waterslide decal paper product is our temporary tattoo transfer paper.

Used in theatres for production tattoos, hen nights, stag doo's and festivals,  our tattoo transfer paper produces a realistic looking tattoo which can last around 2 to 3 days.

waterslide temporary tattoo paper

Each sheet comes with its own adhesive sheet and full instructions.

How to use Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

The first step is to decide which decal transfer paper is right for your project.  Hopefully this page has answered what you need to know but if not,  I will add a link to some more frequently asked waterslide questions here.

  • Step 1 - After deciding on the correct waterslide printer paper,  the first step is to drop your designs into an A4 word doc or similar.  You may wish to print out your designs onto a regular piece of paper first to double check.
  • Step 2 - Try to use up as much area of the transfer paper as possible and experiment with both landscape and portrait mode to see which works best.
  • Step 3 - Print out onto the shiny side of the paper and allow to dry.
  • Step 4 - Give the decal designs a few coats of varnish spray,  either gloss or matt to seal the print.
  • Step 5 - Cut the designs out.  Sometimes it will be best to cut close to the decals edges,  eg die cast models, trains and planes.  Other times it will work best to make your design big enough to run close to the edges of the blank, eg ceramic mugs and plaques.
  • Step 6 - Dip into water for around 45 to 60 seconds.  With thumb and forefinger see if the film is starting to slide away but keep it on the backing paper until the decal is out of the water.
  • Step 7 - Remove from the water,  catch the edge and place it onto your surface.
  • Step 8 - Pull the release backing paper away allowing for the film to drop onto your surface.  Position your decal gently and quickly before the hardening process begins.
  • Step 9 - Take a cotton wool ball and gently brush any water residue from under the decal out of the sides.

Leave over night.  If your decal requires extra protection,  give the finished work another spray coat or two,  especially required on ceramic mugs.

For our full range of transfer papers for both inkjet and laser printers see our transfer paper in the uk home page.