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White Shrink Plastic - (Popular Projects for Heat Shrinking Film)

Alike decal paper, Shrink Plastic is incredibly versatile and is only limited by your imagination!

So what is it?

Well, it comes in White Sheets that can be printed though your home inkjet printer allowing for you to print all kinds of pictures, images or designs.

After printing you can cut out your designs, put holes in them or shape them to whatever your requirements.

Then, simply place into your home oven for a short time and your designs Shrink down into a hard plastic!

Custom Card Toppers, Dolls House Accessories, Miniature Modelling Accessories, Christmas Tree Decorations, Place Card Holders, Toy Figurines and Funky Kids Jewellery are just a few projects that I have seen.


Full instructions are included with every pack.

Sami from Elf Hats recently showed me how she was using it to customise hand knitted hats!

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You can also decorate with marker pens and also print on both sides of the White Shrink Film

Oven Shrink Film is a favourite of my daughter Lily who recently asked me to print and make custom plastic Unicorns for her Unicorn Club at school. 

Her friends get their names under a Unicorn and we turn them into badges!

Oven Shrink Film Instructions

Your inkjet shrink plastic can be printed on both sides as well as be decorated with permanent marker pens or rubber stamps.


  1. Drop your image into your graphics program or Microsoft word and size your image to around 70% larger than your desired finished piece.
  2. Keep your printer settings as normal but adjust the colour intensity / brightness down to a little over minimum.  This is because as your design shrinks in the oven, its colour will intensify.
  3. After printing give the sheet a minute to dry before handling.
  4. Cut your design out with scissors.  If you are making jewellery pieces, now is the time to punch holes into your design using a hole-punch or similar.
  5. Preheat oven to between 300 to 350 f / 160 c.
  6. Place into the oven on top of some medium weight cardboard or parchment paper.  Do not place onto bare metal or stoneware.
  7. Cover your design with parchment paper or vellum to keep the film from sticking to itself when curling.
  8. Bake for around 2-3 minutes and remove when flat – (it will curl when being heated and flatten whilst cooling).
  9. If your design still looks slightly curled after cooling, flatten it out with some cardboard and use gloves if handling before cooled.


Tips – For larger pieces, try heating at a lower temperature, slowing the shrinking process.

If sticking does occur, remove the piece and pull apart when slightly cooled, then reheat to complete the shrink process.


                  oven heat shrink plastic - shrinky dink




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