How to get more Shopify Sales - Influencer Outreach Template

Get more Shopify Sales Using The Influencer Outreach Template

By Chris Tailby of Craft Life Academy


In this Article I show how to add a simple "to do" to your daily routine to get more Shopify Sales. 

Shopify Selling

Although,  this can also be applied to Etsy Stores and Amazon Handmade,  it's designed primarily for people who want to take charge of their own Handmade Craft Marketing rather than outsourcing your marketing to Etsy and Amazon.

This guide works for any product between $20 and $50, you don't need to be a Craft Seller but as I'm Chris from Craft Life Academy,  my example is a seller making handmade custom hats!

how to get more Shopify Sales

Sami buys Shrink Plastic from Mr Decal Paper to make little pieces of artwork to stitch into her hats.

My advice to get more Shopify Sales for her store was to start off looking for influencers who like wearing funky hats! And then working through the 3 steps below.

If your looking to get more Shopify Sales,  a good way is to work with micro influencers.  A micro influencer is someone with a following of between 8k and 15k followers who naturally has an interest in what you are selling.

So,  for example,  if you were selling funny pet mugs for cat and dog owners,  you'd look for influencers with related pets.

Or if you were making chunky handmade Jewelry,  you'd look for influencers who wear similar items to what you are making,  someone who often posts pictures of them wearing their Jewelry.

Nothing sells better than a product recommended by your favourite influencer. When done correctly, it can form a daily part of your work routine.

So,  step one is to spend some time looking for micro influencers who could be a good fit for your product.  Allocate 20 mins each morning into doing this and then start a spreadsheet off.

Step two is to start engaging with the influencer as a follower.  

Follow them,  add them as a friend on Facebook or connect with them depending on which Platform you prefer.  The most common platforms that I recommend are Instagram and Facebook Group owners.

This part is crucial.  So many marketers skip this bit and go straight into contacting the influencer.  Remember,  influencers get bombarded with random DM's every day and so taking the time to comment, empathise, compliment, ask questions and add value to any posts or threads will get you seen and remembered.  

Spend 20 minutes each day on your spreadsheet of influencers for 14 days before sending them your first message.

Contrary to what you may think,  this can make all the difference.  Many followers do not take the time to make an influencers post interesting through engaging questions and comments.  They mostly get repetitive compliments and so by being different,  you'll stand out.

Step 3

Influencer Outreach Template

After 14 days,  your ready to contact your first influencer using the influencer outreach template.

Reach out to the influencer with the following personalized message.

“Hi Jane I’m Kate from _______ - I love what your doing online, my passion is also _______ and I’m trying to spread the word.

I’d love to send you a freebie of my product!

I have a range at ________ - please feel free to choose any item you’d like.

Thank you so much for checking out my offerings,

Your raving fan,

Kate __________

Influencers love freebies and this approach gives them the chance to cherry pick an item from your store to get for free and in return,  a shout out post from them should follow.

If this results in sales,  you can make the offer again and / or offer a payment for a post,  as you already know how many new sales you are likely to make,  you can offer a percentage of the likely sales or more freebies.

The idea is that over time you'll build up a list of micro influencers to show new products to,  pay a percentage of sales too and grow your business and customer list! 

When you Sell on Shopify,  that's exactly what you become,  a marketer! And what's incredibly important is that you build your own customer list independently of Etsy and Amazon by building up an e-mail list to remarket too.  Not something you can do through Etsy or Amazon easily.

And that's it!  Keep a track of your spreadsheet and add the 20-30 minutes each day to look for influencers,  engage with them,  then offer to work with them.

If you'd like to watch the full 13 minute video of this strategy in abit more detail,  here it is,  from my YouTube Channel at Craft Life Academy.

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