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How to Sell Crafts Online - Etsy SEO Tips

What's the quickest way to giving you a great chance of more buyer visitors to your Etsy listings?  -  Do a Title Audit today!

Learning how to sell crafts on Etsy the easy way with this Etsy Selling hack to writing better titles for your products.

Placing keywords into titles (product name) is nothing new but:

Are you scoring your titles? (Totalling up a score from each word used in your title and comparing it against the number of estimated searches each month for that search term)

Are you using "buyer" keywords?

Are the keywords you are using scoring too highly?

Are they scoring too little?

I've just released a new video on YouTube teaching how to allocate estimated search traffic numbers to the words that you have in your Etsy title tags to be able to make good decisions as to what changes and improvements can be made to your Etsy SEO. 

Click through to take a look,  its just 8 mins long to give you one of the best Craft Selling trick in the book.  Alternatively,  here is the article in full below.


etsy seo


Often when looking at Etsy product listings I see that keywords are being used and added but in many cases, the keyword choices could be improved on.

Using high traffic keywords is tempting but in most cases a waste of title tag real estate because its unlikely that your item will turn up in search for it even years down the line.

This doesn't mean that you should not include them but as a good rule of thumb 80/20 is a solid ratio to use. 80% keywords that are a close match to describing your item (with a lower monthly estimated number of searches) 20% using 1 or at the most 2 highly popular keywords to go for placement over time.

By downloading the Keyword Surfer from the Chrome Extension you'll be able to: Score your Etsy titles by simply doing searches using Keyword surfer for your titles words and add up the total.

You'll be able to see what keywords are scoring too high or too low. Too low could be 0-10 searches a month whilst too high may be 10K + You'll be able to type in related keywords that are provided by the software to find more "buyer keywords", keywords that are a close match to what you are selling, less competitive but still scoring to bring your newly written title up to several thousand estimated searches a month.

More buyer related keywords in your titles means more Etsy sales through increased Etsy search rankings due to having a higher CTR (Click through rate) - over time by getting more Etsy sales and more Etsy reviews you'll give yourself a much better chance of being seen for the bigger search terms you include in the ration of 80/20. 80% (buyer keywords) 20% (high search volume keywords)

Lets take a look at an example and score it:

etsy seo article for selling crafts online

I've picked this Silver Daisy Necklace,  here is its title below:

etsy title tag for seo article

And here is how it scores using Keyword Surfer:

etsy search engine optimization

So,  what does this tell us and how do your titles score?

Straight away we can see that we have the majority of our title tag scoring either too high or too low. 

Too high / too popular for our product to have a chance of being returned high in search results,  eg, "gifts for mom" and "best friend gifts"

Too low because three of the search terms score 0,  being "Best friend gift necklace", "Multi daisy necklace" and "Disy flower necklace"

Search terms scoring too high or too low could be switched out to make better use of this important Etsy real estate.

Let's take a look at a alternative way of writing out the Etsy title for this item of Jewelry:

how to improve the etsy seo title tag on product listings

As you can see,  all of our search terms now score and the majority of the search terms are a close match to describing the item.  And using keywords that are a close match to your item is important because it improves your CTR (Click through rate) and ultimately your Etsy products placement in rankings.

So,  action time!  With a quick SEO for Etsy Check List:

check list for Etsy SEO - Title tag audit

Taking the time to rewrite well written titles for your Etsy listings is one of my #1 recommendations for getting more Etsy visitors and more importantly,  getting more buyers from those visitors.

If you enjoyed this article,  please head over to Craft Life Academy to subscribe to my channel.  I have lots of really cool videos and shorts coming out showing all kinds of Etsy sales hacks, tips and tricks for selling crafts online.

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