What to Sell on Etsy? Learn this one quick Craft Selling ratio to find out

Wondering what sells best on Etsy?

Or what handmade products are top sellers?

In this article I reveal a simple calculation which reveals top selling handmade products in just a few seconds.

When wondering what items to make to sell, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which direction to go in.

I recommend starting this journey with what you enjoy. So if you enjoy making Jewelry for family and friends you may be wondering if you should just offer what you have already made via and Etsy store?

This is what many Etsy sellers do and it can be "hit and miss". I recommend that your first task is to establish if there is a demand for the item that you are planning to make and sell.

To do this, do a search on Etsy for items that are similar to yours and see if sellers are recording both sales and reviews for the item.

One great calculation is to take "Total Reviews" for a product and divide it by "total store reviews" and then multiply it by 100.

What to sell on Etsy

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For an example,  take the Etsy item above.  We can see that it has recorded a total number of Etsy sales reviews of 28 and a total number of Etsy shop reviews of 428.  Using the calculation above we can see that this product scores a 5.9% which tells us that it’s a popular item for the seller.

Having recorded at least 28 product reviews we also know that this Etsy seller has probably sold between 5 and 10 times this amount as the majority of people do not actually leave a review.

This gives the total percentage score that a particular handmade product has attained in terms of its reviews against total shop reviews.

And so the higher the % score, the higher this products importance is to the Etsy store.

What you are looking for are big Etsy stores with large numbers of products that record high %'s on individual products using the calculation above.

So, for example, if an Etsy shop has 300 products and 20,000 + sales and one of its products records a review ratio of say 5%+ then you know that this particular product is responsible for a large proportion of the Etsy shops sales and is hence a great item to consider making and improving on.

You’ve found a great Etsy Product that you can recreate but how do you price it for maximum sales and profitability

This is where most sellers make their first mistakes by not charging a high enough price.  In order to make a profit you have to not only cover all of your expenses and your time but you must also price high enough to be able to put aside a budget for advertising.

This sounds obvious but its important to understand using an example.

Let’s say you’ve decided to produce and sell some AI generated wall art or that your going to produce your own set of helpful life planners on Canva to sell on Etsy as a downloadable product.  But items are downloadable many sellers are pricing very low in a market that is getting increasingly saturated.

However,  the sellers that are ticking just 2 important boxes are recording thousands of sales every month.

Box ticked number 1

They are deploying professional mock ups to get more buyer engagement.

So this is dropping images into professional tools to make it look like their product is hooked up on the wall of a lovely room or held in the hand of a well dressed model sat somewhere nice.

Box ticked number 2

With a quality looking product with great imagery,  a high price is deployed allowing for an advertising budget.

This is key.  In a saturated market pricing low to get sales on a digital product is a quick road to making little to no money.  However,  pricing higher,  say $20+ for digital downloads allows for ad testing and potentially thousands of buyer eyes on your product.  Testing for a positive ROAS (Return on advertising spend) is now a reality,  allowing for you to scale your business,  grow your customer base and market for repeat business.

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